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Specialised Products

Slide throttles

* Available for BMW M10, M30, S14, S38 and Lotus twin cam.

* BMW S54 under development.

* Cast in LM25 and heat treated, or magnesium alloy by special order.

* Bespoke or one off machined from billet by request


Kugelfischer pumps

* Four or six cylinder:

Standard pump road, reconditioned, outright purchase or exchange

Race pump using 7.5mm pistons, for higher output engines, available on an outright purchase or exchange, surcharge for exchange with 6.5mm piston pump.  

Options include; magnesium alloy pump body, left hand or right handed fuel control lever. Metering cams are available for many engine applications; standard, fast road & outright race. However for the correct match to your engine fuel demand we recommend running with our closed loop control pump in order to generate a bespoke cam profile.

All pumps are stripped, ultrasonic cleaned, inspected linkage & external components coated, assembled & rig tested on our own ‘in house’ Hartridge injection test rig.

Mapping available ‘in house’ on our own engine dynamometer or rolling road. See services page! 

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